Items in the Onitsha Collection

Map of Southern Nigeria
This map shows Onitsha's position as the center of the Nigerian book trade in the 1960's.

The King, His Highness, Johnson the II
Illustration of The King in the drama, My Seven Daughters are After Young Boys, (pg. 34).

Onitsha Market
Photo of Onitsha Market taken by Thomas R. Buckman. Reproduced with permission.

"Juju" priest
This illustration of a "juju" priest is taken from The Ibo Native Law and Custom (pg. 28).

This illustration of a poverty-striken worker is taken from Life Turns Man Up and Down, (pg. 9).

Pregnant woman begging man to marry her
This illustration of a pregnant woman begging a man to marry her while he attempts to flee is taken from Life Turns Man Up and Down, (pg. 3).

This illustration of wrestling, the most popular sport in Ibo land, is taken from The Ibo Native Law and Custom (pg. 25).

How to write and reply letters for marriage, engagement letters, love letters, and how to know a girl to marry
This is a how-to pamphlet where "you will learn the styles and ways to write "letters that are "very interesting and reasonable, and the English very educative," (pg.4). Abiakam advises his readers to "Read and recommend to your friends one by one…

A woman's pride is her husband
Although this is one of only a few pamphlets written by a woman, this edition of 'A Woman's Pride is Her Husband' probably from 1962, was "revised and enlarged" by Felix N. Stephen, another popular and prolific pamphlet author. This situation raises…

Elekere Agwo : the quack doctor
This long pamphlet is described as "a novel on the dangers of illegal injections and self-medications," (pg.70). Neither an advice guide nor how-to pamphlet, this fictional account joins others by Akuneme that cover issues related to mental health,…