Who takes care of KU Libraries collections and what methods do they use? In this exhibit, we feature the work of the Conservation Services Department. We relish the opportunity to bring our work to the forefront and share techniques and tools that are typically unseen by most library users.

Staff in Conservation Services are responsible for caring for KU Libraries collections in all seven locations. In preserving our books, papers, photographs, audiovisual formats, and three-dimensional artifacts, we strive to make materials available for use by current and future library visitors.

Core functions of Conservation Services include:

  • Monitoring the environment
  • Constructing protective enclosures
  • Preparing new materials for use
  • Repairing and treating damaged items
  • Digitizing audiovisual formats
  • Constructing cradles and supports for exhibitions
  • Preparing for and responding to disasters
  • Training future preservation professionals
  • Engaging in outreach with the campus community and beyond

Please enjoy this online exhibit that highlights our work.

Angela Andres, Special Collections Conservator
Whitney Baker, Head, Conservation Services
Chris Bañuelos, Audiovisual Preservation Specialist
Jacinta Johnson, Paper Conservator, Mellon Initiative
Roberta Woodrick, Collections Conservator
Environmental Monitoring Light.jpg

Environmental Monitoring: Light

We spot-check exhibit and collection storage spaces with a light monitor. Light is especially damaging to library materials, causing fading but also…



The Negro travelers’ green book. 1955

Treatment: Detach and retain pamphlet binder. Remove cloth hinges from cover and reduce adhesive residue. The Negro Travelers’ Green Book was an…


Image 5-VHS plus archival box.jpg

Archival VHS Videocassette Housings

This image illustrates the kind of archival housing we use for a common analog video format here at the library, a VHS videocassette tape. The tape’s…


protective enclosures1.jpg

Protective Enclosures

We use protective enclosures for materials housed in all the KU Libraries’ system. For circulating collections, we use pamphlets, pockets or envelopes…


3_A collection of pre-cast paper pulp to be carved and inserted for losses..jpg

A collection of pre-cast paper pulp to be carved and inserted for losses.

A collection of pre-cast paper pulp to be carved and inserted for losses.