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A complete list of artifacts, books and printed material, manuscripts, and photographs used in the exhibit.

Portrait of the Class of 1895 taken on the steps of Old Snow Hall.

With a sweep of the pen the University of Kansas came into being at the first meeting of the Kansas Board of Regents on March 21, 1865. Members present were S.O. Thacher, Charles Robinson, J.S. Emery, G.W. Paddock, D.P. Mitchell, I.T. Goodnow, State…

Address of the Honorable S. O. Thacher at the dedication of the State University, Lawrence, September 12, 1866. Solon Thatcher, a lawyer from Lawrence, was a member of the first Kansas Board of Regents that signed the University into being on March…

Blake Hall was built in 1895 to house physics. The building had several lecture halls, a library and reading room and many laboratories for physical and electrical research. The building was demolished in 1963.

Snow Hall of Natural History opened in 1886 and was named even before its completion for Francis H. Snow. In addition to a lecture hall and laboratories the building housed four museums for geology, zoology, entomology and anatomy. After it was no…

Announcement from the Junction City Union advertising the opening of Kansas State University in Lawrence on September 12, 1866.  The University of Kansas was first known as Kansas State University.

Old Fraser after 1887, when the new powerhouse was built and before 1896, when the gates were gone.
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