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My experience in performing ecological research informs my work as a printmaker. I explore biological phenomena in the lab and play with their unique visual features in the studio. This print explores the concept of colonial organisms. Each…

My work explores anatomy through soft gore. I utilize floating visual elements and intrusive forms to abstract the figure. One's smile and eyes are indicators of emotion or personality, so what happens to the figure when those features are mutated?

This is a drawing of Ragnar Lothbrok, it is made from graphite. I chose this particular drawing because I love the tv show. In my drawings I like to capture the likeness of my subjects to the best of my abilities.

During my plein air paintings around Potter's lake I kept coming across this little tree. I decided it need its personal debut. I finally tackled my fear of conquering straggly branches.

When I started this piece I had began to think of landscapes as another form of portraits. I admired how these trees withstood the change in weather and refused to lose any aspect of their personalities. They felt so resilient and powerful.

I find myself continually inspired by light. Painting in the field provides many challenges but many opportunities. I felt so lucky to be in the presence of all the colors the sunset provided me

The changing of the seasons transformed my landscape drastically, but I always remembered the golden leaves warmed by the final rays of the sun at midday. Working at the banks was peaceful and I wanted to capture my hidden autumn wonderland.

Heil.Star Clock.2023-24.jpg
The subject is a clock that my mom had when I was an infant in my nursery.

The subject is myself in the design building working on homework into the late hours of the night

The subject is a small crown that was a ring holder I have my had in my room for my whole life
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