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A version of the Jayhawk statue in front of Strong Hall is on display on the third floor of Kansas Union. Called “Jayhawk II Kansas Sarimanok,” it is a copy of a 26-inch model Tefft created at the request of KU alumni in the Philippines…

Recent publication by Professor Frank Baron, University of Kansas, detailing the role of James Lane in the establishment of the term "Jayhawk," and its connection to Kansas'' territorial history.

Dick Bibler's "Little Man on Campus" cartoon strip was syndicated in American collge newspapers in the late 1940s. He also published a series of L.M.O.C booklets, including this one.

Tongue-in-check history of the Jayhawk exploring many of the Jayhawk legends. This book prompted H. L. Mencken to include information about the Jayhawk in his book, The American language: an Inquiry into the Development of English in the United…

James O'Bryon and George Hollingbery earned money as KU Sophomores by painting this Jayhawk on windshields of cars going to the KU vs.NU football game in 1922. They also painted this Jayhawk on store windows in dowtown Lawrence, and he appeared on…

The fighting Jayhawk of 1929 was commissioned by the Jayhawk Club of Kansas City, and alumni organization. It was drawn by Macclay Lyon, the son of the club's secretary.

Dr. Eugene "Yogi" Williams updated the 1929 fighting Jayhawk in 1941 with a more refined, broader beak, fluffed out feathers, and buckles on his shoes.
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