LibArt 2023

Items in the LibArt 2023 Collection

No Church in the Wild
An old church in Derinkuyu, Turkiye

The Lone Tree
17 Mile Drive, California You might not be the tallest tree, but at times you need not be the tallest to withstand the harsh environment. If the roots are good, the rest don't matter. Finding inner peace and having a firm set of values and beliefs at…

The Path not Taken
Balboa Park, San Diego

Cannon Beach, Oregon.

The White Marble Capital
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Known for the white marble buildings.

Still-Life of a Peacock with Forensic Bones
Still-Life of a Peacock with Forensic Bones

Eye of the Beast
"Eye of the Beast" plays upon a non-representational, abstract frame referencing my Jack Russell terrier. Presenting the head itself displays a sense of drama with the viewer only seeing from the perspective of the headless dog. The rest of the…

Mother's Nature
"Mother's Nature" depicts a woman's face manipulated into combining with naturalistic aspects such as a cliff, tree, cave, and the ocean. Two recognizable animals of an owl and shark come into view with a sense of movement happening in their body…

Life to the Fullest
The display of the isolated roller skate and human bone call towards a sense of nostalgia for modernization. The unknown male figure stands near the far left edge and is kneeling with a curious look upon his face. This anonymous man represents…

No Sense of Direction
The entire meaning of "No Sense of Direction" follows with a directionless head guiding the viewer's eyes to a focal point on the center of the canvas. From various forms and contrasting size proportions, the presence of balance showcases a symphony…