A New Student Senate

Student governement at KU dates back to 1909, when Chancellor Frank Strong recommended a student organization form to resolve disputes between the freshmen and sophomore classes. Elected student representatives were allowed to voice student opinion to the University faculty and had the authority to settle disputes between groups of students. The student government, called the All Student Council, published student directories, conducted student forums, and used student activity fees to support a variety of causes. This format continued for nearly 60 years. In the 1960s, KU students became increasingly politically active and wanted more involvement in the running of university life. A committee of students and faculty recommended that the All Student Senate be renamed the KU Student Senate.  Instead of 35 members, it would have 95 members.  University committees related to student affairs would now be composed of 50% of students. The KU Student Senate met for the first time in fall of 1969.