Keeping the Books: The Rubinstein Collection of the Orsetti Family Business Archive

This is an online version of a physical exhibit that featured samples from a large collection of Italian bound business records dating primarily from the 16th-18th centuries. It was on display in Kenneth Spencer Research Library in the fall of 2022, created by Whitney Baker, Head, Conservation Services.

Fulvio image Stefano Orsetti accession files_1.jpg

Portrait of Stefano Orsetti

Reproduced from Manlio Fulvio, 1985. Il Palazzo Civico di Lucca. Lucca: Maria Pacini Fazzi, p. 59.


Orsetti crest from MS 133 v.4 of 6 _1.jpg

Orsetti family crest

Reproduced from the cover.


MS E164 resized.jpg


Altopasso. Giornale H. 1725-1737.