Window of Dreams


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Window of Dreams


LibArt 2023


There is nothing simple about the composition of this painting. From the extremely detailed look into the landscape to the inspiration behind the work: Window of Dreams will have something of interest for everyone. Influenced by Peter Paul Rubens work, this painting brings out the bold Earthy colors often used in the Dutch Baroque. The gigantic hills on the right hold the mighty Campanile and Fraser hall, two famous landmarks of the KU campus, which merge into a waterfall adorned with an elegant rainbow. The playful valleys on the left are decorated by mighty mountains blending into a turquoise blue stream of fresh water. The painting is crowned by an arch of angels, each representing a notable woman in history who the artist is inspired by. The composition will have the viewers crouching down searching in depth for the details. The entire painting is an ode to KU and its natural beauty presented through the eye of the art period known to capture the soul of landscapes. There is so much packed in this work that the viewer is guaranteed to keep finding a new detail to celebrate, much like the KU history. The artist uses many references from Peter Paul Ruebens works to make the landscape truly Baroque inspired, from the flesh tone color palette to the painstakingly detailed landscape - this work is nothing if not a reminder of the world which is not real but one which can stay ingrained in the minds of its audience forever.


Anika Goel




Held by creator


Oil on Canvas



Anika Goel, “Window of Dreams,” KU Libraries Exhibits, accessed May 22, 2024,