Supernova in the Sky


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Supernova in the Sky


LibArt 2023


This piece of work invites the viewers to learn and admire astronomical phenomena beyond the Earth. A supernova is a giant catastrophic explosion which destroys a star at the end of its massive life. An eruption so colossal that even a naked eye could spot one happening millions of miles away. In the artwork, we see the artist use many different textures and objects to create a dynamic atmosphere. We can see the bright silhouette of the star in the middle of the work surrounded by a nucleus of waves and particles to emphasize the huge energy released in this process. Though done entirely in black and white, this piece does not fail to give the audience a sense of space and scale. One can see the tiny stars in the background as one looks closer. As the viewers look into this work, they get the chance to admire a wonder of the universe and appreciate the technique and textures used by the artist to replicate a supernova on Earth.


Anika Goel




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Collagraph Print on Paper



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