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Chancellor Chalmers' letter in response to the letter he received from members of KU's Black faculty and administrators in support of the Black Student Union demands.

DAS Information.pdf
Information regarding the newly created Department of African Studies and the classes offered.

BSU Role in BSP.pdf
Statement on what the role of the Black Student Union would be in the new Black Studies Program.

Dr. Eugene "Yogi" Williams updated the 1929 fighting Jayhawk in 1941 with a more refined, broader beak, fluffed out feathers, and buckles on his shoes.

Hank Maloy Jayhawker yearbook cartoons showing the KU bull dog's adventures against KU football opponents.

Grey jayhawk with long red legs, red tail, yellow beak and button eyes. Gifted by Helene Ross Noland of the class of 1926.

Francis Heller's response to the Black Student Union demands as requested by Chancellor Chalmers. Chalmers used this as the basis for the official University response to the demands.
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