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Robert Vosper, seatedStanding, left to right: Joseph Rubinstein, ? Redmond, Tom Buckman, Hazel Anderson, Jim Helyar, Earl Farley, Sandy Mason, John Glinka, John Nugent, unknown, Stuart Forth

UDK cartoon showing the Jayhawk getting ready to kick the Aggie team.

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Hank Maloy Jayhawker yearbook cartoons showing the KU bull dog's adventures against KU football opponents.

Recent publication by Professor Frank Baron, University of Kansas, detailing the role of James Lane in the establishment of the term "Jayhawk," and its connection to Kansas'' territorial history.

Scrapbook telling how James O'Bryon and George Hollingbery created the 1922 Jayhawk while sophomores at KU.

James O'Bryon and George Hollingbery earned money as KU Sophomores by painting this Jayhawk on windshields of cars going to the KU vs.NU football game in 1922. They also painted this Jayhawk on store windows in dowtown Lawrence, and he appeared on…

This little wooden statue originated in a World War I prisoner of war camp in Germany. The faint, penciled, inscription indicates that it was sent to L. N. Flint, Alumni Secretary, by Conrad Hoffman at the camp in 1917.

Tongue-in-check history of the Jayhawk exploring many of the Jayhawk legends. This book prompted H. L. Mencken to include information about the Jayhawk in his book, The American language: an Inquiry into the Development of English in the United…
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