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Robert Vosper, seatedStanding, left to right: Joseph Rubinstein, ? Redmond, Tom Buckman, Hazel Anderson, Jim Helyar, Earl Farley, Sandy Mason, John Glinka, John Nugent, unknown, Stuart Forth

Robert Vosper, with Chancellor Frank Murphy and John Nugent, examine rare books and lithograph stones from the Ralph Ellis collection on mammals and birds. Dr. E. Raymond Hall, director of the Museum of Natural History, was instrumental in bringing…

Robert Vosper is browsing through the stacks of Watson Library, one of the libraries which grew tremendously under his nine years of stewardship. Perhaps he is viewing a book from the Ralph Ellis Collection?

Robert Vosper at the 1982 re-dedication of the University of Kansas Watson Library

Robert Vosper (left) with Romo Lanna (KU 1957/58), USIS library staff in Turin (center), and Dr. Silvano Gevevini (right), Director of the University of Pavia Library, touring the library during the Milan Conference on University Libraries, May 7/8,…
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