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The jayhawk logo on the hotel is wearing a cowboy hat and is wearing one boot with a spur.

ksrl_ua_0.22 99_chimneycrest_1922_03.jpeg
This strange Jayhawk on a crest is labeled for the Library Building and was drawn by Ray L. Gamble, the State Architect, in 1922.

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UDK cartoon showing the Jayhawk getting ready to kick the Aggie team.

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Thomas Jefferson Fitzpatrick, professor of botany at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, left his wife a thirteen-room house and small bungalow filled to the rafters with books upon his death. When Robert Vosper heard of the sale, he and several…

Grey jayhawk with long red legs, red tail, yellow beak and button eyes. Gifted by Helene Ross Noland of the class of 1926.
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