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Kusadikika is the name of an imaginary country, based on the Swahili verb kusadiki (to believe). It is a satire on greed and the abuse of power that speaks for the common people who are not allowed to question anything but are only expected to…

Shaaban Robert is credited with introducing the essay (insha) into Swahili Literature.

Shaaban Robert was, above all, a poet. As noted on the back cover of this volume, “. . . the poems appearing here cover the entire spectrum of human existence: youth and old age, morality and religion, politics, the beauty and signification of…

A praise poem commemorating the life and accomplishments of the Zanzibari Taarab musician, Siti binti Saad.

Also included in the exhibit from this series are Insha na mashairi v. 5; Utubora mkulima v.8; Siku ya watenzi wote v. 9.

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This work is the second installment of Robert’s autobiography, although it remains to this day the first to be published. He once wrote an autobiographical essay about his childhood and youth to the time of his marriage in 1936, but it has never…

This work consists of correspondence written by Shaaban Robert to his half-brother, Yusuf Ulenge. The letters were collected and published posthumously, over forty years after Robert’s death. As stated in the note of the KU catalog record, the…

This autobiographical work, a sequel to the previously published "Maisha yangu", was written when Robert was 50 years of age, just a few years before his death in 1962. Robert frequently interspersed passages of poetry into his prose texts. In this…
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