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The 1925 Jayhawker yearbook was dedicated to Dr. Naismith. The dedication reads “To Dr. James A. Naismith, twenty-six years at the University as director of Physical Education, Father of Basketball, exponent of clean sportsmanship, believer in the…

A page from the James Naismith scrapbook compiled by University Library staff and located in the University Archives. Note the article on the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The 1936 Olympics was the first time that basketball was played as an official…

Dr. Naismith kept careful records concerning the physical development of students at KU. This sheet shows detailed measurements of arms, legs, shoulders, etc.

Dr. Naismith’s faculty appointment cards from 1898 through 1939. Note the leave of absence from 1917 through 1919 for service in France during World War I. He was asked by the YMCA to study moral conditions among the troops and to develop a program…

Dr. Naismith wrote speeches, essays and articles on a variety of topics including the interrelation of high school and college athletics, swimming, and the development of character through athletics. Here is an example of one of his publications.

Dr. Naismith instructing the women’s fencing team. Photograph from the Dec. 1936 Jayhawker yearbook

Dr. Naismith as captain and Chaplain of the First Regiment, Kansas Volunteer Infantry, 1916. He was sent to serve in the Mexican Border War for 4 months and worked to protect soldiers from involvement with prostitutes and other vices.

The father of basketball with the father of basketball coaching, Phog Allen. Photo taken in 1932 by Duke D’Ambra

Dr. Naismith in one of many publicity photos taken by University photographer and good friend, Duke D’Ambra, 1932?

Photo is from the KU University Archives, Naismith Biographical file, and is undated.

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