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Miscellaneous Verses of Muyaka

Utenzi wa zinduko la ujamaa is one of several political poems written in the 1970’s following the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar under one government to form the Republic of Tanzania. The author describes the establishment of the socialist system…

Utendi wa Mwana Kupona [Mwana Kupona’s Poem] is one of the most popular poems in Kiswahili literature. It was written around 1858 by Mwana Kupona binti Mshamu (c. 1810-1860) for her daughter, Mwana Hashima binti Sheikh (1841-1933). Didactic in…

Utendi wa kutawafu Nabii, a characteristic example of the utenzi tradition in its early expression, commemorates the life of the prophet and includes his final message to the faithful before being visited by the angel of death. The poem exemplifies…
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