Cambodia Invasion/Kent State Protests

On April 30, 1970 hundreds of protests across the county occur, protesting the invasion of Cambodia. Within three days there were strikes in progress at more than 100 colleges and universities. After the Kent State killing of four students, student strikes spread to hundreds of campuses with at least 536 shut down and 51 of those for the remainder of the academic year. At KU a coffin-bearing crowd of 500 marched against the U.S. invasion of Cambodia and the Kent State massacre on May 5. The following day the KU Administration canceled the ROTC Review for the second year. On May 6 a crowd of 800-1,000 rallied against ROTC on campus, and about 200 re-grouped and damaged the military science building. On May 7 there was a general strike by KU students who planted trees and attended workshops.