The Ibo native law and custom


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The Ibo native law and custom


Igbo (African people)
Nigerian literature (English)


With this pamphlet, the prolific pamphleteer Sunday O. Olisah, known as the Strong Man of the Pen, attempts to fill a gap in information about Igbo customs. The author describes elements of Igbo society to provide the non-Igbo reader with "reasonably good general information of the nature of the laws and customs of this dynamic tribe," (pg.7). Olisah warns that Christian Igbos "are doing away with some native laws and customs which are considered inconsistent with the life of a Christian," (pg.8). Chinua Achebe gracefully develops this theme in several of his novels.

Olisah consulted with elders in his research for the pamphlet, lending an air of credibility to this work. Ibo native law and custom details the process of gaining a title, the proper behavior of a titled man and the significance of tribal marking. The pamphlet also discusses marriage negotiations, funeral and mourning ceremonies, wrestling matches and birth ceremonies. Olisah explains the significance of kola nuts, festivals, market days, tortoises,names, and greetings. He warns against theft and other abominations.

The cover has a representation of a titled man and announces that "Igbo exam candidates, students, traders, workers, businessmen, foreigners and other general readers" would best benefit from the pamphlet.


Olisah, Okenwa


Onistsha, Mr. Okenwa Publications


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