Votes for Women: The Suffrage Movement at the University of Kansas

The credit for the success of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States seems always to go to women like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other well-known women who fill the history books. While they most certainly deserve all of the accolades given to them, much of the groundwork for equal suffrage was done at the local level. These well-organized suffrage leagues and associations were part of a national network of volunteers, all working for one common purpose. The women, and often men, in these types of small, grass-roots groups were no less passionate about suffrage for women as their more famous counterparts. This exhibit highlights just a sampling of the many women at the University who actively participated in the suffrage movement.

This is an online version of a physical exhibit that was on display in Kenneth Spencer Research Library from September through December of 2019. The exhibit was created by Kathy Lafferty, Public Services, Kenneth Spencer Research Library.

How the Vote Was Won playbill.jpg

How the Vote Was Won

“How the Vote Was Won” A play, co-written by Cicely Hamilton (1872-1952) and Christopher St. John (1871-1960), and performed for the first time at the…