Kusadikika: nchi iliyo angani [Kusadikika, a country in the heavens]


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Kusadikika: nchi iliyo angani [Kusadikika, a country in the heavens]


Kusadikika is the name of an imaginary country, based on the Swahili verb kusadiki (to believe). It is a satire on greed and the abuse of power that speaks for the common people who are not allowed to question anything but are only expected to believe (kusadiki). The plot deals with the conflict between individual rights and established authority, and represents at least a muffled critique of the colonial state. First published in 1951, Kusadikika predated the publication of the Swahili novel by nearly a decade and represents another of the contributions of Shaaban Robert to the Swahili literary canon. It continues to be one of the most frequently read works of Swahili literature and has been reissued in numerous reprint editions.

Call Number: PL8704.R54 K87 1965


Robert, Shaaban


London: Nelson, 1951.


Swahili, English



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