Reporting the War

Peggy Hull, (later known as Peggy Hull Deuell) the first accredited woman war correspondent, was born Henrietta Eleanor Goodnough, in 1889, near Bennington, Kansas. She grew up determined to be a journalist. By 1916 she was living in Cleveland, Ohio, and working for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  She convinced her editor to allow her to accompany the Ohio National Guard when it was deployed to the New Mexico border to pursue Pancho Villa. She fashioned her own military uniform. Her reporting on camp life (she was not allowed to cross the border) garnered her much attention, and she subsequently moved to El Paso, Texas, to work for the Times. Here she won her editor’s support to travel to England and France to cover the experiences of U.S. soldiers in 1917. After returning to the states she was determined to be accredited as a war correspondent. She was determined to go to Siberia to cover the U.S. Expeditionary Force defending the White Russian faction from the new Bolshevik government. After much politicking and cajoling, Peggy was successful in receiving her accreditation, and travelled to Vladivostok as a reporter for the Cleveland Press.